Monday, July 9, 2012

The Not Bummer Summer: Five Boredom Cures

1) Build imagination and visual thinking: Discover audio books for kids. They've been a favorite in our family for a few years now - in the car and at home.  Our favorites: 
Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds [Unabridged]Cam Jansen Mystery Series (my 7 year old son loves trying to figure out the mysteries and now even my 2 year old has started asking for "Cam Jansen" in the car)
Movies in My Mind Adventure Series (Chris and Amy, the main characters, meet different historical figures like Thomas Edison and Amelia Earhart) 
Pinkalicious audio collection (what's not to love about the adventures of Pinkalicious, Purplicious and Goldilicious)
Available on CD/casette or easy download to any smart phone or computer via
2)  When was the last time you went bowling? Bowling alleys have appeal for kids ages 5 and up (plus they're air-conditioned). Check you local bowling alley website for weekday discount coupons. 
3) Re-design a room in the house and get the whole family involved. Whether you decide to make a big or small change, you'll activate your child's critical thinking, spatial and artistic skills:  change a coat of paint, move around furniture, hang a door curtain, paint a mural in the kids' room or decorate a wall with vinyl pictures and letters.
4) Turn off the TV and host a Read-In. Take a trip to the neighborhood library in the morning; then kids get to spend the whole day reading books in a living room fort made out of pillows. Perfect for kids who need a break from over-scheduling during the school year.
5) No homework? Learn a new language. Studies show that kids acquire language more easily prior to puberty so it's never too early to start. Free on-line activities as well as purchased workbooks and  CD's can be a big help. Also check out local schools that offer language classes for kids. 

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